Mar 3, 2010

Day 8: 0 snoozes

Hi, welcome to the stupidest blog in the world. I have nothing to write about today because nothing happened. In a series that was supposed to document the trials and tribulations of trying to kick a 13-snooze-a-day habit, I fucked it up right from the start by being too good at quitting. I feel like a TV news show that spent a lot of time and money making an amazing graphic title sequence for an impending international war, only to have the combatants sign a peace treaty before anyone got shot. It's a good thing and all, but... well you saw my graph from day 3.

Thankfully I foresaw such an occasion, I just didn't think it'd happen so soon. In anticipation of the inevitable lameness of this blog, I drew up a list of things to rap about when I got nothin'. So let's spin on Big Wheel of General Musings on the Topic of Sleep and see where that bad girl lands:

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I spent so much time making that picture that I don't have time left to write about the topic upon which the Big Wheel of General Musings on the Topic of Sleep fell. Tune in tomorrow for an in-depth look at Sleep Drool. A dick move, I know, but see day 7.

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