Mar 11, 2010

Day 16: 0 snoozes

Well, it's official: I rule. I'm a lean, mean, habit-kicking machine. I'm the assassinator of addiction, the sultan of self-control, the badass master of back monkeys. It's been over two weeks of this shit and I still haven't had any slip-ups. Even that one time that I totally forgot to arm my alarm, I still only slept in 16 minutes. Even that time that I caved in and used the snooze button, I totally made up some valid excuse. I am the best.

Here's another addiction I'm trying to quit: the one that makes me write this damn blog every day. Every weekday, I mean - weekends don't count. When I started Snooze By Numbers, I had this idea that I could just write about my adventures in trying to quit my snooze button addiction. I figured it'd be ready-made content, and I'd just have to translate it into ASCII characters. But as we all know from my incessant bitching and moaning for the first two weeks, that never happened. I ended up drawing too soon from the Big Wheel of General Musings on the Topic of Sleep. Not that I'm running out of things to talk about, just running out of time...

At first, I was all "Fuck yeah, I've got all this time in the mornings now, so I can afford to just sit here for an hour drinking coffee and writinga". Soon enough I started putting off the writing and doing other stuff instead, then finally sitting down to write and next thing you know I'm late for work.

The thing about work is, I've got all sorts of free time here (I'm writing from work, as I'll explain in the next sentence). I've realized that time management-wise, it makes way more sense for me to write this stuff at workb. I waste a tremendous amount of work time just circulating through five different websites looking for something new and exciting to be posted. Occasionally I do actual work as well, so that's nice I guess. Anyway, it'd be a better waste of my time if I did something productive while not working, so I'll be tackling Snooze By Numbers at the office from this point on.

The reason I called it an addiction a few paragraphs back is that it feels really good to write. I'm new to this "writing" thing and I'm enjoying it a lot. The positive feedback I've gotten is encouraging, and it keeps me coming back day after day to write about this or that bullshit that happened once. I don't WANT to slow down the writing, but I need to better manage my time, which for the time being means writing when I find the time, instead of making the time to write, at this time, time changes everything, time time time time (that makes ten).

Yes, you in the back?

Q: Why should I care where you write from?
Because it will no longer be a daily thing, that's why, because sometimes I have lots of actual work to do. Not that you care, it's not like you subscribe or anything. If I didn't remind you on a DAILY FUCKING BASIS to read my blog, you'd never visit, you inconsiderate toadstool.

Q: What are you going to do with the extra time in the morning?
Go to the gym, get to work on time. Sorry that's not a funny answer, but I can't be "on" all the time. You try to be in the spotlight asshole, see how all that pressure feels.

Q: Wanna talk about it?

Q: Hug?
No, go away.

Q: C'monnnnnnnnnn
Quit it, Mom! You're embarrassing me!

Q: Ok, call me if you need me

a. I know you're thinking "It takes you an HOUR to write this shit?" but you have to understand it's all one-handed, while my other hand is busy either holding coffee to my mouth or scratching my crotch.

b. Aren't you glad I warned you?

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